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Sears is an online shopping platform where you can buy everything that you need. You can buy appliances, electronics, auto related equipment, shoes, clothing and much more. Sears also have in-store complexes where you can buy your required equipment. Sears also offer their own credit cards. Sears master cards are issued by the Citi bank by visiting

Activate.Searscard.Com – Verify Sears Card Information

Sears credit card allows their owners to shop online and offline using them. These credit cards offers a bunch of features like discounts, special offers and gifts to card owners. Sears also have a mobile application. This application is available for both android and iOS users.

You can download this application and shop easily using your sears credit card. You can also view the reviews or comments of particular products in sears mobile application. It also provides the feature to track you order.

How to Verify Card Information

If you have your own sears credit card then you can verify its information online. Every new card holder must verify their card information first to use their credit card features. Sears card information can be verified by following some simple steps. If you don’t have your own card then you can get one using the link:

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You can start the verification process using the link:

Now fill in the information required for information verification. You need to enter your card number, the name of the card issuer and the last four digits of the social security number of the person who issued the card. Then press continue.

You need to register online as well. Once you continue you will be redirected to online registration process. Fill out the required information for registration, set up a username and password. Once you are done you will receive the verification confirmation and you can start using your credit card.

SEARS Contact

For more questions or problems you can contact sears customer service via phone or email. You can also provide feedback on their products and services after registration of your credit card.

Customer service: 1-866-247-5290

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