Awesome Amazon Web Services (AWS) to use in 2017

Amazon Web Services are with some great and new features to use in 2017. Amazon is an American company doing business under, Inc. amazon is a famous for its electronics and cloud computing. Amazon was founded in 1994. Today amazon is the third largest online electronics retailer store in the world. Amazon also works as an online book store and DVD seller. You can find DVD, blue rays, CD, mp3, videos, games etc. but now amazon is also the largest provider of cloud computing services in the world.

Amazon Web Services to use in 2017

Amazon web services or AWS is a program offered by amazon to offer a set of global compute, storage, analytical, application and development services. The main goal of these services is to help organizations, groups or individual to work faster, scale applications and it also helps in lowering the IT cost.

amazon web services

Amazon has been providing web services for 11 years now and it the world’s largest web service provider. It is user friendly and efficient. It has released over 90 different types of services including compute, storage, music, application services and much more.

Amazon services are not only limited to American but it is available for the whole world. Not only does it make it available for you but it also does it at a low cost and with best resources.

A part of the reason why amazon web services are widely appreciated and preferred are because they provide the most flexible path for your required services in cheapest way possible and on time. This fact alone increases the agility and work efficiency of an organization. It also reduces time, cost and overall effort that is required to install your own web services equipment.

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What Is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing provided by amazon is an on demand delivery of computer power. Off course it has a price but when you are working, cloud computing provides data storage, applications and other resources via internet.

Basically cloud computing allows you to access low cost and flexible IT resources. As mentioned before, cloud computing reduces IT cost. But how? Well when you are running a big organization or even if you are handling large number groups under you and you have to send or receive large amount of data to large number of people, then you need to have large, heavy and complicated IT equipment. You need to match it to your devices, set up and get it working. But cloud computing makes this easier, you just have to pay for the resource you need and it will be provided to you without, long details.

Perks Of Having Cloud Computing

  • Cost Reduction Of Setup

The best part about cloud computing is that you don’t need to pay extra. If you require some resources then just pay for what you want and how much you want it and it’s done. You don’t need to spend heavily on equipment’s or resources that don’t have regular use.

  • Upgrade In Agility And Speed

Now the thing is that the resources you require don’t need weeks to be available for you. When you need resources you can just click on it and they are made available to you. So in short the resources that normally took weeks now are available in minutes and in lower price. The agility of your organization or group is increased.

  • Globalization

You can deploy your projects, applications etc. globally in just minutes. This helps in handling international clients. You can provide a lower latency for your customers with better experience.

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Cloud computing helps you in uploading or downloading songs, videos, movies, photos, documents and much more. It also helps you in streaming these songs and videos on your phone.

How Can You Get Your Own Amazon Web Services?

If you are interested in upgrading your organization or business by availing Amazon web services then you are in luck. You can avail these services by creating an online AWS account and getting a subscription. There are three steps in signing up to amazon web services.

Step 1

  • Click on the link to begin the sign up procedure. ?
  • Enter your account name.
  • Enter a valid email. Make sure your email is active as you would be receive updates, notifications and details about your web service via email.
  • Set a secure password with numbers and alphabets.
  • Click on continue.

Step 2

Complete a short tutorial on how to operate or work with amazon web services. There are couple of tutorials that you can watch according to your skill level.

Step 3

Start building your amazon web server. You can build your AWS step by step by following the flow in which the options are given. Just select the options that suit your and are up to your requirements and you can build your own AWS in no time.

  • Every option is given and listed on the web page. You can select the respective options and organize your server form there on.
  • Just click on the link below to start building your own Amazon web server.
  • This is the last step. Once you are done click on “complete sign up” option and you will be done.


You can get a subscription of 12 months at a time with Amazon web services. You can use as much as you want and anytime you want it.

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But if you are not sure of how the system works or even if it is useful to you then you can try the free trial version of amazon web services. Just click on the link to get redirected.

You can check out the free trial for 12 months. Off course you still need to sign up on the website to use this offer. Once you have signed up then you can check out the terms, conditions, offers and perks of free 12 month trial on the website.

Amazon Web Service Login

If you already have an account then you don’t need to go through the procedure above. Just click on the link below to go to the login page.

  • You can login using your email, account ID or account alias. Type in any one of the three and press on continue to move ahead.
  • Type in the password and you have logged in.

Account ID

Account ID is an account number that is provided to you and only you by your administration. You can type in that 12 digit code to login.

Account Alias

It is also an alternative to your account ID provided to you by administration. It is a combination of alphabets, number, special characters and dashes. You can type in this alias to login to your amazon web services account.

Contact or Further Information

If you are interested in amazon web service wiki and you still have some un-answered questions then you can contact amazon via phone, email or mail.

Customer service: 00 1 206-266-2992

Email: [email protected]

You can also check amazon official website for more details or just to look around. You can check the website from the link below

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