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U.S. Immigration for retirement & why USA is best option around the world

U.S. Immigration for retirement

US retirees are welcomed with an open arm around the globe to spend retirement years in another country. A renowned retirement expert quoted that; “Many countries allow you to spent retirement years without obtaining citizenship. Countries like Italy and Ireland provide ancestral visas converting to citizenship. Other countries like Portugal, Spain, Greece, Malta, and Cyprus …

How right retirement savings plan can help to get more


Inflation is an important point to consider while planning for retirement. Retirees often ignore it. Currently, the inflation rate is at 1.9%. The average rate between 1914 till today is recorded as 3.26%. It may not seem a significant percentage. But it has a profound effect on one’s economical and financial life. 2% inflation rate …

How to line-up your budget for retirement

retirement budget

Retirement is a major turning point in one’s life. This is the point where one has to decide about the best possible way of spending old age. One has to take a decision regarding financial aspects and planning for life after retirement. That’s why retirement budget planning becomes essential part of peaceful life. By the …