How to Check Your Chase Credit Card Application Status

Chase credit card is very popular financial product of Chase Bank, for example if you have applied for credit card and looking to check the application status. If you received the message that chase application is still pending then how to check the status of Chase credit card status.

How you can Check the Chase Credit Card Status

There are three ways to check the Chase card application by browsing ‘Online website’, ‘Telephone’, and ‘Decision still is pending’.


Chase Bank has developed the automatic system to inform their new applicants via automated phone line. You can call their and check the current status of Chase credit card application status. You need to call at Chase 888-338-2586 to check the Chase card status, enter the social security number to verify the current status.

Online Web Site

Many other banks in USA are offering to check the application status online but Chase is not facilitating online services for applicants. So there is no way to check the credit card application status via website. For example if your application is refused & denied or pending, you will be unable to find the information online website.

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But if your application is approved or active credit card holder of Chase Bank then there is an option to see the online status. For the existing Chase bank customers holding a credit card can view the online banking account to view the history of credit card payments & bill payments. If you applied for another chase credit card and sign in online Chase bank web site. You will see the addition of another account before receiving the notice of email and approval of account.

I will like to give you an example; you may interest to apply for Ink Plus card some days ago. Once I login website to my account profile, I saw that new account of Ink Plus card was added. Later on I did receive an email of approval of credit card but online account is created first.

Chase Credit Card decision pending – Denied or Request a Chase Reconsideration Line

In case your application of credit card is rejected or denied. There is an option to call Chase reconsideration line to reconsider your application and review the bank decision. This is important that application is still pending you have the option to call reconsideration line to make quick decision.

In case of Business card, we advise to wait until your application is denied then call it again for reconsideration request.

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Sometime Chase Bank is unwilling to extend the credit limit or you are enjoying exiting credit cards. You can ask the Chase representative to accommodate the credit limit to other card or close the one credit card and transfer the limit to another one. But aware of Chase 5/24 rule and if rule is applied to case then it will not be possible to get reconsideration request.

What is the Chase Line Phone Number?

Apply for personal card 1-800-270-2127 is new number (Mon-Fri 7am-10pm, Sat 8am-10pm, Sun 9am-9pm Eastern Standard Time)

Apply for Business card 800-453-9719 (Mon-Fri 8am-10pm Eastern Standard Time)

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