How to Connect Xbox 360 controller to your PC?

Sounds difficult and quite complicated but it is much simple and easier to connect Xbox 360 controller with PC. Both wireless and wired controllers are easily attachable. Read on to know how you will connect wireless Xbox 360 controller with PC.

How to Purchase A Receiver First

To connect wireless controller with PC, you first need to get yourself a receiver first. The receiver costs $10 or maximum $20. Go for the official Microsoft version but that’s a bit pricey so you may go for many third-party versions.

Now that you have bought yourself a receiver, connect it to your pc via USB port. Green light flickering on the receiver shows its working perfectly. Sometimes there’s a pop up “Add new’ right when you connect the receiver; Follow the steps shown by the Hardware Wizard. If no, checkout “Install Software” to know how you can download the required software with the help of an Installation CD or Microsoft online repository of drivers.

Steps to Install Controller Software

If you want both Wireless Xbox 360 controller and Receiver to synchronize properly, you need to download the software designed for this purpose via Microsoft’s Website. You may go for the CD to serve this purpose. If you have this installation CD, insert it into your PC and follow the wizard that pops up.

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If there’s no installation disk, you can check this on Microsoft online repository of drivers. People with Wireless controller will opt “Xbox 360 wireless controller” link. If you are using wired controller, go for “Xbox 360 Controller for Windows”. Now hit ‘Run’ and set up the rest visiting control panel.

How would I sync the controller?

For wired, just put the port in. For wireless, connect controller with the receiver. Now wait for the green light to blink. Now click the connect button to begin.

If somethings constantly pinging you while connecting Xbox 360 controller with your pc, check out this website.

Test the Controller

The system once installed synchronizes the Xbox controller with receiver. Now its time you test the controller. Open Start menu and hit ‘run’; type ‘joy.cpl. Click ‘ok’ and proceed. Select ‘controller’ and hit ‘Properties’. Now press controller’s buttons, use triggers, use joysticks to make sure your Xbox 360 Controller is connected to the Pc.

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