How to Create an Apple ID without Credit Card

In this tutorial we will briefly discuss to create Apple ID without credit card. If Apple customers are attaching credit card information in Apple ID, it helps you buy games, music and photo editing apps etc.

Paid apps on Apple App store can be bought directly if you have your credit card info linked with your apple id. However it is not that convenient for all apple users. Providing credit card information in your apple id will help you buy the content and share it with your family. If you have had your bank info given, you can enjoy unlimited paid games and can have the benefit of apple’s signature applications.

Methods to Create apple Id without Credit Card

People without credit card can also enjoy apple apps by creating an apple account ID. Giving credit card info in your apple account may trouble you in case your iCloud account gets hacked unluckily. Indeed providing financial information is not convenient for everyone. To avoid this nuisance, you have to simply make an iCloud account. This is mostly advantageous for the kids so that they can install the apps they desire without providing credit card information.

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Not every app on ios is paid so you do not have to worry about your bank account linked with apple account. Having iCloud account enables you to download free games, iBook’s and podcasts. 80% of apple apps are free so one doesn’t have to endow with debit card data. The newcomers can enjoy almost everything for free even without linking their credit card records.

What About Family Sharing?

Family sharing enables apple user to purchase an app once for all the family members so they do not have to pay separately. Through family sharing everyone from your family group will be a contributor to your family album and this apple app is not requiring your credit card credential.

When and How to Turn Family Sharing Off?

It is not necessary to keep family sharing on forever so you can turn it off the moment you want. If you need to download that is of your use only, you can turn the family sharing feature off. This is possible if you are the administrator of family sharing, if you are not, it’s not doable for you turn it down completely. Lest, you are the overseer, you can get rid of the family sharing feature following these steps:

  • Click the setting icon form the main menu
  • Hit the ‘iCloud’ menu
  • Tap ‘family’ menu
  • Tap on your profile name
  • Hit the ‘stop family sharing’ option and you are finally out of the league.
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That’s how you will not be receiving any app that one of your family members installs and wants to share with the group. This is all done without providing any credit card data.

The question arises, what would be done to the apps that were shared through family sharing beforehand? If you have shared any content, it will stay with you and if it was shared through any other member it would be vanished. It may appear on your purchase list but you will have to re-buy it.

What about the Content Bought at iTunes/ Apple App Store?

The content you have bought through iTunes/appstore, and that was shared with the family will stay with you. Since DRM (digital rights management) has surveillance over your purchases, it restricts the use of apps that were once shared through family sharing. Contents exchanged will stop working on both the sides. That doesn’t mean you will completely lose the stuff, the list will be shown but you will have to re-buy it without any further payment. In all that process, you may need your credit card info. But if the content was downloaded free of cost, it would not be requiring your bank account credential.

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When You can’t Stop family sharing?

Stopping family sharing is the easiest and simpler way but it becomes difficult for you to turn it off if you have a kid added. Apple simply doesn’t allow you to remove a kid from your family group.

Final Words

Above has been mentioned all the pros and cons of giving your credit card information in your apple id. It may be said that it’s better to avoid giving credit card credentials to avoid any untoward financial loss in future. But if you are sure that you’re not going to bump your head on a wall by providing your credit card info, you can provide the info too.

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