Facebook Down – Many FB users Complaint Facebook Website Outages in Certain Areas

One of the biggest social media giant Facebook was reported down, as many Facebook users were complaining that service is down just few days ago. Users could not load the Facebook login page or new posts. A message of “no posts to show” was displayed when the users refreshed their feed. Thousands of users reported the issue of total black out. To confirm and vent the user went to twitter hence the #Facebook down trend.

Thanks to webdownstatus, it was noted that this issue was reported from different areas around the world. The most reports were filed from central and eastern Europe, where the blackout hit the most. Some reports were received from east coast Australia and minor parts of Africa. Over 1000 people reported the Facebook issue in general. As soon as the outage began, about 46% of the users were experiencing the issues that came along with it.

facebook down

The issue of outage was reported a day after the actual blackout had occurred. The issue was also not only limited to Facebook but also on Facebook business manager and messenger. The messenger app also kept crashing over the weekend before for IOS users. The new iOS update was blamed for the issue as the application started crashing after the update. According to tweets, the users were having issues in viewing their previous phots and news fees. In the same time half of them were not able to load the FB page.

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The users uninstalled and re installed the Facebook app thinking it would solve the issue just like it did with the outage back in 2010. But the application only worked for few minutes and it went back to the problem later on. The issue was resolved later on and users were requested to keep the updated version of the application on their phone to avoid further issues.

Facebooks Down History with Outages History

Facebook has a history of outages. Whenever Facebook suffers an outage there is an immediate flow on social media about it, as there are billions of users connected to their family and friends through it. There are personal details and images on Facebook along with a person’s location. So blackout causes maybe not a lot but a little panic for the users. But from 2007 till now the un-expected outage lasts for no more than two hours or less. The longest blackout Facebook has ever had is of 2 hours back in 2010 on 24 September.

Facebook has suffered from outage before, with billions of users active at the same time and constant upgrades, the outage of few minutes or hours is not surprising. Luckily Facebook recognize these errors and resolves them as soon as possible.

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Facebook Official Statements

The issues were taken in to account by Facebook authorities and it was fixed as soon as possible. Facebook is now up and working for all users in the affected areas. The cause however was not fully stated. The statement just said that the issue is resolved and users and use 100% of Facebook again.

Reaction of Facebook Outage on Social Media

As expected, Facebook outage created a big commotion on social media within the 30 minutes it as blacked out. As soon as Facebook outage occurred, most of the users went to twitter for more details and to vent. This issue was also covered by major websites. Facebook down complains were registered on different websites and the outage was confirmed. The downdetector.com received over 750 reports about Facebooks blackout.

Twitter was flooded with tweets about Facebook not working. All tweets are still available under the hash tag “#Facebook down”.

However the issue is resolved. Most of the functions were made available as soon as possible. But the rest of the functions took time. By few hours after the blackout, half of the function were up and running.

Facebook Outages Impact

Facebook is an American online socials site that was launched on February 4th 2004. Its founder, mark Zuckerberg, first limited Facebook membership to his university that is Harvard. Later it spread to other universities and by 2006; anyone who was 13 had a Facebook account. Facebook has become one of the top social sites in the world today. Facebook has now billion of users that are connected to their friends and family all around the world.

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WebDownStatus collects outage from different sources and users were tweeting FB website outages. Most importantly it detects outage in different area at an early stage. It works with reports. The easiest way to detect outage is by amount of incoming reports. It provides a platform to report issues of your website and collects tweets.

Website also shows the historical map history of FB services down in many regions of world. It takes reports that are provided on a social platform or reports directly on the website and calculates a possible outage.


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