Google Launches Family Link Parental Control Service in Canada & Other Countries

Googles is launching its new Google Family Link in Canada. It is already available in Australia, Ireland and New Zealand. This launch is a part of googles global expansion of parental monitoring service which was launched last year in United States. Google Family link is a monitoring app that allows parents to monitor their child’s digital activities without having to sacrifice features.

There is are over five million children in Canada that are under the age of 14. And 76% of them own a cellphone from grade 4. Children that young need supervision as to how they use their device.

Google Family Link

With the continuous advancement of digital world it is impossible to keep your child away from it. It is both a leaning portal and window to the dark world. Google Family Link helps parents to keep their children’s digital activity in check and under control.

Family link provides a feature so that parents can get a complete list of digital applications used by their underage children (approximately 13 or younger).

Parents can set a usage time for their children. When the time runs out, their device gets locked for the set period of time. There is also a download constraint. Parents can set a download rating like a games rated E can be downloaded. Or parents can set the feature of asking every time their child downloads anything. So whenever they try downloading any application, parents are first asked for approval.

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Google Family Link can run on Android 4.4 device and your device should be able to run Android Nougat (7.0) or any higher version.

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