How to Access AOL Email Account with Window Mail

AOL is a website resembling in features with Gmail and yahoo mail services. AOL i.e. American Online Inc. is characterized by its fast email speed appropriateness. To get AOL account on your windows mail app, you need to give following a read. The process is uncomplicated and could be completed in less than 10 minutes. Moreover, you can either keep it your only account or you can use it along with your existing Gmail or Yahoo accounts.

Furthermore, you ought to know about AOL server settings and POP server settings in order to get it on windows. Updated version of windows has this feature inbuilt, but for older versions, you need to read the following instructions carefully.

AOL Account on Windows mail Tutorial

You will find mail icon easily in either of the window (vista, 8, 10). Keeping this in mind, follow the tutorial to know the easiest way.

Below are mentioned ways you can ingress AOL account on windows mail on windows 8. Windows 10 and windows vista:

Access AOL account on windows 10

  • Open mail and click
  • Hit manage accounts.
  • Now you will see an option saying Add Account click it.
  • Now tap from the list Other Account.
  • On the page you are now, list your AOL account accurate information.
  • Now sign in by clicking the sign in button.
  • Click Done to complete the process.
  • Use Menu to switch from one account to another.
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Approach AOL account on windows 8

In case you are using mail app for the very first Time, wait a while and the program will ask you if you want to login with new account.

If you have already an account, following are the ways you can follow to sign in to AOL account:

  • Launch Mail on your window and begin
  • Click Win+C to finish the process.
  • Tap Settings and click Accounts
  • Now click Add account.
  • Select AOL and begin
  • List all of your AOL information.
  • Hit connect from the options and you are successfully done.

Theres no need to panic if you don’t get any mail notification. You then need to see older messages. Go to settings to find out older messages. Use Download Email Form section to get a copy of older messages.

Access AOL Account on Windows Vista

Adding AOL as a second account:

  • Click ‘Tools’ and then
  • Hit on Add
  • Tap Next
  • Click Step 1 and follow the ways.

AOL as the First Account on Window Vista

  • launch Mail and list your name. Click Next
  • List your AOL account information and begin rest of the process.
  • Before proceeding be sure that POP3 is already selected. Note down the below information to move further:
  • It is important to know that if you are using IMAP you should type:
  • Check the box right next to the Outgoing server option and tap next.
  • list your email user name along with all the necessary information.
  • Click Next and you will be taken to a fimal page.
  • On this page you can click finish to end the process
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Enjoy using AOL account now on your windows.

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