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Explore the right guidance of Job search & post resume, searching for jobs has always been difficult. You have to look through thousands of ads, posts and posters till you finally find the one that you can apply for and it pays well.

But now you can look for jobs you qualify for in just one click. Just type in your job requirement and click on search and you will see all the available jobs for your skills in your area. How is this possible? Simply by

Indeed.Com is an American employment search engine like Google. It was launched back in 2004. Now is available in over sixty countries in 28 languages. Just enter your local area and you can find jobs near you. As of October 2010 became the highest job search engine website in America.

The best thing about is that it not only lists the jobs in the area but also provides the opportunity to be scouted for jobs. You can upload a public CV with your skills on and hire’s will contact you themselves for job opportunities. Other than that you can search for jobs you have skills for and contact the company directly for details or for applying. The job details and pay details are listed with the job title.

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Overall is an excellent portal for job searching. It reduces the stress of looking through thousands of unrelated jobs and focuses on the one that fits you.

Tips for Finding the Right Job Search on Indeed.Com

As mentioned that there are thousands of jobs on that can be of your qualification or skills. But you can set up an account on to get the results that are best suited for you. You can use this account to save your previous searches, you can get notifications of new jobs every other day, week or month, upload your CV and much more.

How to Setup an Account on Login

  • The sign up procedure is simple and quick. Just click on the link below to get started.
  • Locate the “Create an account” option at the bottom of the page and click on it.
  • Enter your valid email address as this will be the source of communication between you and So write a professional and active email address.
  • Set a password and click on create account.
  • You can also create an account by linking your account with Facebook or google. Just click on “sign in with google/Facebook” option and your account will be created on the email address of the relative google or Facebook account.
  • If you are already user of then you required login to enter the ‘User Name’ & ‘Password’
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Notification for New Job Updates

Once you have login on the Indeed website, you can receive alerts on your job searches. Just type in your email on the “get notification box” on the right or bottom of the page depending on your browser. You can set the time limit after which you can receive these email. You can set it to daily, weekly or monthly.

How to Post a Resume on

You can built and upload you resume on Just click on the “built your own resume”. You will get instructions and tips on how to write your resume. You can edit it, upload it and set its privacy. And when you are done, you can delete it as well.

How Search For a Job at

Just click on the link and type in the job title you want. Add your local area like UK, Chicago, NJ and your nearest jobs will be listed. You can also search for international jobs on indeed.

You can also search a job based on salary. Just click on salary search option and add the job title you want. You can see and check the average salary of the job you want. You can check the salaries of the same job in different states and stores.

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You can easily create account by browse the link & access to view all saved job listing & search history from Laptop or PC.

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