Why Lending Club Pre Approved Loan should be your First choice? – Read on the following article to know why My Instant offer by lending club is the right choice for you! Below is given a detailed analysis on the pros and cons of My Instant Offer.

About Lending Club

Lending Club is American based hub providing Americans with personal loans. With its headquarters in San Francisco, it has number of branches in the USA.

Official website:

What makes Lending Club Unique?

Lending club brings borrowers and investors together and so it becomes easy for the borrower to collect loan form the lender. Taking loan from banks makes the process more time consuming. Lending site of Lending Club myinstantoffer makes it more convenient for people to take loan.

What is

Just like every bank has the site to make users register themselves, Lending Club has via which you can register yourself for personal loan.

What do Landing Club Offer?

The investors we have at Lending Club pay larger amounts than regular bank loans. The investors offer up to $40,000.

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Instead of advertised 5.99% APR, our users can actually pay up to $35.89%. These loans are offered by investors at web bank, having its tabs on peer-t0-peer lending. Your rates depend upon the amount of loan you are taking form Lending Club. Moreover, your rate depends upon credit card usage, loan terms and credit score. There’s no warrantee on interest rate or approval.

You have to give fees for APR and personal loan. The completion can lower the fees also known as Loan Origination Fee. Some market place reviews have the opinion that Lending Club can provide a lower APR.

According to My Instant Offer Review, where do People use the Loan Amounts?

According to another review, loan borrowers use the loan payment in:

  • Debt coalition
  • Paying of debit cards
  • home improvement
  • Vacations
  • buying a car
  • Paying Down Payments
  • School fees
  • Medical outlay

You can always need big amount of money; My Instant Offer is the best way to get a loan.

Lending Club Reviews

Before finding yourself a lender, you should be informed about its policies and to know if it is right for you to take loan from. Evaluation before taking loans is a necessary thing. In My instant offer reviews, we came to know that their association with lending club is legit.

You need to provide you’re My instant offer survey, if you want to take loan form lending club. Following are the things you need to know about your lender My Instant

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Loan Terms for my Instant

  • Clearly read the terms and conditions.
  • know the borrowing levels
  • you should know the repayment options
  • ways to repay
  • You should diagnose the Dollar amount of the listed fees.
  • APR (Annual percentage rates) for loan

My Instant Processing Times

Loan processing time for every lender is different. If you want to have loan payment urgently, you need to provide an online application. To fulfil the purpose, you will have to assure them that there is a quick turnaround for getting the loans you need.

Comparing My Instant Offer/Lending Club Reviews

You need to give a thorough view on all on every My and lending club reviews. You need to check out everything like consumer rating score, etc.

How to Apply/Qualify for

  • Following is the process of qualifying for reviews:
  • You will have to have a FICO score above 600.
  • You will need to have a permanent job.
  • You will have to provide loan applications to submit income information. These forms are W2, Paystubs, or any tax record.
  • Once you have provided your income information you will be able to get a loan.

What is the Benefit of using

  • Applications are simple and convenient to submit.
  • If you have issues of lower salary you will be able to fill up the forms with your spouse.
  • Lending Club will secure your information and funds.
  • Loans offered by Lending Club have low interest rates.
  • You have the option of getting extra payments on returning the loan payment early.
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What is Everyone Saying About Lending Club/ My instant offer?

My Instant offer has outstanding reviews. They have 18,246 reviews form users. 99% people have positive reviews about Lending Club. It is highly recommendable! It has a rating of 4.8/5 stars.

It was a treat to know that google is also a major investor in Lending Club. News portals like The New York times have declared lending Club a safe way to take loan from. Alibaba the largest online business company has a partnership with Lending Club.

What makes you a Good Candidate?

Here is a list of features of a good candidate:

  • A good candidate is financially responsible and always be on time to repay the loan payment.
  • You can use our free online calculator to check whether you are a responsible candidate or not.
  • How will online calculator help you?
  • Online calculator will let you know how much amount you should take as loan analyzing your payment, monthly salary etc. It makes for you a repayment timetable.


  • Lending club is the best loan option for you as it takes lower rates form you.
  • This loan will help you improve your credit score.
  • Checking your rates is made easy through My instant
  • May be there comes a time you start investing in Lending Club yourself.

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