What is the Benefits of GoDaddy Email Account & Web Mail servcies

Being a part of Godday.com, you must need GoDaddy Email Login to access Webmail email service as well web hosting service. Godaddy is one of the leading registrar and web hosting company in the world. It has more than 13 million users and more than 61 million domains working under their management.

Yes, this is a reality that goddady.com provide the one of the best webmail solution for small business as well large business. GoDaddy has provided its business users to a great opportunity to get the same professional email that matches their domain name. You can also connect other email clients to manage your GoDaddy Email Account. It will provide up to 50 GB email storage and 1 TB secure online file storage.

Once you have registered, GoDaddy Email will access you to select an email plan, such as online essentials, email essentials, or business premium. The best thing is that you can log in to your account with any electronic device you might have. For accessing your account through desktop or Mac and mobile devices such as Android Phone, iPad, iPod, Window Phones is really very easy.

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Here, few simple steps follow to logging into your GoDaddy Email Account.

How To Login & Manage Your GoDaddy Email Account

  • With your Pc or Mac
  • Go to email.godaddy.com.
  • Now you can see the right side of your page, “workspace Webmail”
  • Enter your email address and your password in relevant field.
  • Finally, Click to “Sign In”

With An Android Device

  • Download and install GoDaddy App for mobile
  • Tap to open app’s icon
  • Check your mail
  • Now a box will appear “Mobile Workspace”, Enter your email and password in relevant fields
  • Check the box “Keep me logged in”, it will stay logged on your Android device
  • Tap “Access Your Account”

With your iOS devices (iPad, iPod)

  • Download and install GoDaddy App on your device
  • Tap to open app
  • Enter your email and password in relevant fields
  • finally, Tap “Sign In” button

If you have to face in issue regarding logging to your account, you should need to check that you put the right information for signing in details such as email and password. For mobile you, you can contact to

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