www.walmartcardoffer/prescreen – How to Get Walmart Credit Card

Don’t you have any Credit Card? If you are not using any credit card at a time, then Walmart brings you a best chance to apply for the credit card online by visiting www.walmartcardoffer.com/prescreen and get a lot of benefits as well as online services. The major problem, most of the users face while trying to apply for a credit card, is that whether they are qualified for a credit card or not?

Walmart is offering the pre-qualified credit card offer for its customers. If any of you have already received a pre-qualified email, then don’t wait anymore. Just go to their site and apply for a credit card. But make sure that you have applied for it before the promotion deadline date.

www.walmartcardoffer prescreen

Through this Walmart Pre-Qualified offer, users can apply for a two different types of credit cards. These include:

  1. Walmart Preferred Customer Credit Card
  2. Walmart MasterCard

www.walmartcardoffer.com/prescreen – Process to Apply for Walmart Credit Card

As we have discussed above that if you have already received a pre-selected mail, then you can get Walmart Credit card more easily and quickly. You just have to follow the given below steps:

That’s it. If you are selected, then you will receive your Walmart Credit card with in few days. After receiving a card, you can use it anywhere and also enjoy the online services.

Benefits of Walmart Credit Card

Walmart offers a lot of benefits and services to its credit card holders. These benefits include:

  • One of the biggest benefit of Walmart Credit card is that it has no Annual Fee.
  • Users get a Fraud Protection on the credit cards.
  • Credit card holders can manage their credit card online and enjoy many services.
  • These online services include payment of bill, get electronic statements and money transfers
  • Users can also get the Everyday rewards like save 3% on online purchases at Walmart, 2% on Walmart gas and 1% at Walmart and anywhere card is accepted.
About Walmart
Walmart is the multinational retailing corporation, headquartered in Benton ville, Arkansas. It has more than 11,695 stores in about 28 countries. It operates a chain of grocery stores, hypermarkets, financial services, and discount department stores around world. Its main products are electronics, movies, clothing, jewelry, toys, pets, home improvement, auto, grocery and footwear etc.

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