How to Set Up Twitter on the iPad

Are you a twitter geek? Then the following feature is just for you. Do you know that you can connect your twitter account with your iPad? In few simple steps you can set up your twitter on iPad such that you don’t need to open up the application separately every time you need to post a picture, video or to share a link etc. if you are active on twitter then this will help you save a lot of effort.

You can also use the “update contact” option. This will add your contact twitter accounts to your phone even if you are not following them. It doesn’t send out “join twitter” requests, it just locates the twitter accounts using the email you have on your phone and adds them to your contacts.

How to Connect Your Setup Twitter iPad

You can set up this connection in just a few steps. Once connected you can update your status or post images without the need of twitter application. Without further ado, go to your iPad and get started.

  • Go to iPad settings.
  • Scroll down the settings till you can see the twitter option. Open it up and you will see its related settings.
  • Now you are in twitter settings, login using your username and password.
  • You can add more than one accounts on these settings. Just select “add account” option and you can add another one in it.
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You can use this setting without having to install the official application on you iPad. Now you have your twitter account ready to be used.

How to Use Twitter from IPad

Now that you have connected your twitter to your iPad, how will you use it? Well it is quite easy. The main features that are frequently used are

  • Posting picture
  • Tweeting

You can use both of them easily. To tweet a new status, use Siri. Use the keyword “tweet” followed by your status. Siri will automatically update your status without having to open the application or to be specified as to where to post your status.

To post pictures, you can use the photo app installed on your iPad. While you are viewing your photos and you find the one that you need to update, well don’t go anywhere else. Just click on the share button on the image and multiple options will appear. There will be many options as to where you want to share your image. Choose twitter and it will be posted. This function works even without connecting your iPad with twitter but you will need to sign in every time you need to post a picture. If you are connected, your image will be posted smoothly

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