Steps for Redirect Email Messages Instead of Selecting them and Forwarding Them

Often days you receive an email that requires you to fill out a form or a petition and mail it back to the original sender. Well it’s all fun and games till you decide to forward that mail to other friends who can also fill that form. Now the mail they receive is not from the original sender. Either they mail you the response or you forward it to the original sender. Or they fish out the original sender from the long paragraph of “forwarded message begins here” with multiple marks such as “>”.

Well good news for you, you can now redirect you emails.

Difference Between Redirect your Emails vs Forwarding Email

Redirecting your mail is not the same as forwarding. Redirecting mail only the recipient is changed. The rest of the email remains the same.

There is no “forwarded message begins here” paragraph or the “FWD:” in the subject. The sender is mentioned in the form and the rest remains the same. But it is clearly mentioned in the redirected email header line that “Email resent from”. This clears that who is the one who actually redirected the email.

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In short the new recipient of the redirected email can use the “email clients reply” function to create a message and directly send it to the original sender instead of the one who actually emailed them.

How to Redirect Your Email

If you want to redirect your email then you first have to check whether that this function is supported in your email. You can find the redirect option next to the reply option in the toolbar. As redirect option is not commonly used hence it might not be available there. If you can’t find the redirect option in the toolbar then be sure to check the menu.

If redirect function is available to you then you can find its option in anyone of the two.

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