June 25, 2022

5 Issues ‘Severance’ Must Clarify in Season 2

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Season 1 of Severance.]

Severance might have delivered some revelations in its Season 1 finale, however there have been loads of questions, plots, and different mysteries raised over the course of its freshman run which have us questioning, what’s subsequent?

Set in a world the place workers on the perplexing firm often known as Lumon can sever their consciousness between work and residential life, Severance facilities round Adam Scott‘s Mark. Severing after grieving the lack of his spouse too significantly, Mark’s work-life contains no reminiscence of Gemma, who we uncover within the season’s last moments is definitely Ms. Casey (Dichen Lachman) at Lumon.

As they’re each severed, neither has a reminiscence of the opposite, nevertheless it’s unclear how Gemma’s alive contemplating Mark believed her to be lifeless after an accident. And that is simply the tip of the metaphorical iceberg relating to revelations and brewing mysteries.

Severance Adam Scott

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Beneath, we’re breaking down among the storylines we’d prefer to see additional explored in Season 2 of Severance on Apple TV+.

Helly’s Realization

Helly (Britt Decrease) realized that she’s a part of the household who helms Lumon and that she underwent the Severance process to point out solidarity along with her fellow workers. In fact, followers watching know the opposed unwanted effects this has had on her life as Helly tried to kill herself when her outie self denied resignation from the corporate. Now that she’s in on the fact of her position inside Lumon, will Helly’s energy dynamic throughout the workplace shift? Or will her phrases on the finale presentation wreck the corporate her household labored so arduous to craft? Aside from Mark studying his spouse is alive, this must be one of the mystifying revelations to come up within the finale.

Milchick’s Position

We all know that Concord Cobel (Patricia Arquette) was devoted to Lumon and its cult-like worship of founder Kier Eagan, however does Tramell Tillman‘s Milchick share that very same devotion? Whereas he goes to excessive lengths to maintain Lumon’s workers in line, together with activating their innie personalities whereas off-hours, it’s not as clear what motivates him to take such drastic measures. Hopefully, Season 2 will delve deeper into this character who’s each terrifying and perplexing in his willingness to get any job completed.

Severance Season 1 Adam Scott

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Mark’s Life After

Mark desperately wished to know why he’d undergo with the Severance process when his innie is activated throughout a gathering at his sister Devon’s (Jen Tullock) home. When she tells him that it was due to his spouse’s loss of life, he’s saddened, however moments earlier than his innie is deactivated, Mark notices a marriage photograph of himself and Ms. Casey, who he works with, however that’s truly Gemma, his spouse. Realizing that she’s alive, Mark tells Devon earlier than he returns to his outie consciousness, making us marvel, how will he react to this information.

Will Devon and people round Mark inform him the belief that was made, or will it stay a thriller as he tries digging deeper into Lumon’s practices? As a deeply depressed individual in his outie state, Mark might flip a brand new leaf with this information if he proceeds with warning. In any case, Lumon clearly doesn’t play by the foundations.

What’s Up With Irving

A peek into Irving’s (John Turturro) outie life reveals an obsessive portray behavior through which he creates the identical picture of Lumon’s elevator over and over. When he finds a map in his belongings that result in Christopher Walken’s Burt, amongst different Lumon workers, it makes us marvel simply how deep their connection was. If innie Mark was stunned to seek out these items, clearly he wasn’t sneaking messages out for himself, in any other case, he’d keep in mind.

And his portray means that he has a deeper affinity for the humanities, one thing that Burt’s staff within the Optics and Design division at Lumon dealt with. May they’ve labored collectively earlier than they had been severed in that very same division? Just like when Mark was getting near Ms. Casey at work, she was let go from her place, simply as Burt was inspired to retire as he acquired near Irving. It seems like there’s an even bigger reply but to be uncovered with reference to those two males, and we’re hoping its explored in Season 2.

Severance within the World

It’s implied that extra than simply Lumon workers are being severed as Gabby Arteta (Nora Dale) seemingly went below the process to assist her get by way of varied pregnancies. The spouse of Senator Angelo Arteta (Ethan Flower), Gabby and her husband are supporters of the tactic. However is Gabby’s participation on this course of because of her political proximity, or are their others outdoors of Lumon being severed, and at what scale? It’s a query that makes us marvel simply how brainwashed the world round Lumon is.

Hopefully, these theories, concepts, and questions will likely be explored extra in Season 2. Till then, revisit Season 1’s jam-packed tales on Apple TV+ now.

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