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American Association of Retired Persons or commonly known as AARP is an interest group that focuses on how to provide elderly a better life after their retirement. AARP was founded in 1958 and is a non-profit organization online available on www.aarppartdvalue.com. AARP doesn’t have a specific age limit. There are member younger than age of 50 as well. The goal of AARP is to enhance their living conditions as they age.

Medicare is a health insurance program initialized by the United States. It is funded by payroll taxes, surtaxes and premiums. It is a specially program to provide health insurance to individual over 65 who had worked and paid their taxes. Medicare part D makes sure that prescriptions and prescription insurance is affordable for such individuals. AARP offers medical tools for their members to search for prescriptions and get an estimated cost.

www.aarppartdvalue.com – AARP Part D Value

This program is specially designed for citizens of United States to get fair and better prescription pricing. Citizens older than 65 can avail this service. AARP provides a platform for their customers to get an estimate cost by entering in their drugs or by filling a small form. The portal can be accessed from anywhere anytime and there is no delay period or wait time. Just enter in your information and you get your estimate.

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There is also low price plans for customers who do not have prescriptions currently. There is no deductible plan as patients costs are covered since their first prescription.

AARP Drug Prescription

AARP offers online medical tools for general usage. Just visit their portal from here: www.aarppartdvalue.com. Locate and click on the “look up the Drug cost” option. Follow their provided procedure and you get an estimated cost.

Similarly you can get estimates based on your location as well. Just enter in your zip code and fill out a small form. Medicare plan D offers over 1500 plans. This can be beneficial and confusing at the same time. But you can get the exact plan that fit you best. Medicare plan D covers the cost of drug approved by FDA. Any drugs outside the circle are not included.


For more information or problems regarding Medicare plan D, contact: 1-866-221-2234.

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