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Credit collection services are special services provided by credit collection agencies. These agencies exercise variety of credit recovery methods. These methods guarantee the recovery of your credit online on www.ccspayment.com. These services are mostly employed in recovery of credits that are taking too long or the client is being difficult. Credit collection services have a high success rate of recovering difficult and bad debts. Credit collection services also operate online websites. This makes it easier for customers to pay their credit on time, online.

www.ccspayment.com – Make the Online Payment

Credit collection services have an online website for their customers to make payments. Customers can setup a payment schedule and make payments accordingly. Payment can be made online, via mail or credit card. Customer can also make the entire payment in one go.

But in case you can’t, you can set up a payment plan. In payment plans, customer set up a specific amount they will pay per month till their payment is made. This website is especially for those customers who have been contacted via phone. They can make the payment without the need to contact the credit collection services agents.

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How to Make Online Payment

To make an online payment you need to visit the online credit collection services website. If you receive a reminder via mail then check the statement present in the mail. It should hold an 11 digit code. This a file number. Enter this in the online website and you can access your credit information. You can set up the online payment plan from here.

How to Mail Documents

You can send documents to credit collectors either via mail or online. You can mail your document to the return address on the mail your received or you can upload them online. Just visit their website to upload. Online documents take up to 48 hours to be processed. This is way faster than mailing documents which take more than 5 business days to just deliver.


For more information or problems contact: 877.870.1000

You can mail your documents or checks at: 725 Canton Street, Norwood, MA 02062.

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