www.defendfamily.com – No Purchase Just Enter To Win $1500 Cash

Defend family promotion offered a new deal to its followers. You can earn a $1500 gift card for free. All you have to do, is to provide them with your valid email. The process is completely free and effortless. This sweepstakes is approved by USCCA. You can participate online by visiting www.defendfamily.com or via mail.

You need to send a mail to US Concealed Carry Attn. “Gun of your dreams Giveaway”, 300 south 6th street, west bend, WI53095 via US mail. You need to include your name and contact information, provide this information on a 3×6 index card.

www.defendfamily.com – Apply For Defend Family?

To apply in the sweepstakes you need to be of minimum 21 years of age. You also need to be a legal citizen to United States. Applicants must be legally allowed to own a gun. If you are applying by mail then make sure your entry is delivered on time. Late or damaged entries are not accepted. You can apply more than once but you can only apply once a day. There is no condition of making a purchase when you apply. Nor making a purchase increases the chance of winning.

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The fastest way for you to apply is online.

Steps for Applying Online For Defend Family

You can apply online in few simple steps. You need a device that can connect to the internet to get started. Open up your browser and visit the following Defend Family.

Now enter in your valid email address. You must be able to access your email address as you receive all your updates on your email. Now submit. It is as simple as that.

Defend Family Promotional Notes

The employees of USCCA cannot apply for this sweepstakes. Also the immediate family of employees cannot apply or win the gift card. You cannot exchange the gift card for cash. The payment method is decided by USCCA. The gift card can be used to purchase a gun or if you already own a gun then you can purchase ammo with your gift card. If your prize was returned as undelivered then it will be forfeited.

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