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Government Payment Service Online allows residents of United States to make transactions online to government agencies by visiting www.govpaynow.com. All they need will be Pay Location Code (PLC). If any of you don’t have PLC, then don’t worry. Then you can get your Pay Location Code (PLC) through www.gopaynow.com. Government Payment Service is the private company working for government agencies.

www.govpaynow.com – Find PLC Government Payment Service:

In order to make payments through Government Payment Service, you must have Pay Location Code. If any of you don’t have it, then follow the given below steps to get new one:

  1. First of all, turn on your PC and make sure that it is connected to working internet connection.
  2. Open internet browser and go to www.govpaynow.com.
  3. There enter your city, state or agency name in the third box and click on the option “Continue”.
  4. You`ll receive Pay Location Code and using this you will be able to make payments online to government agencies.

Pay Location Code will be 4 to 6 digit code that will consist of letters as well as numbers. Customers will have to enter their CVV number of the credit card to make payment. So what are you waiting for? Now you don’t have to leave your home and visit bank to make payment, just pick up your mobile and make payment online through govpaynow. You have to pay taxes, traffic payments, criminal dines or telephone bills, all can be done through Gov Pay Now.

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Benefits of Government Pay:

The major benefits of Government Pay Service are given below. The main benefits of Gov Pay Now is that people can make payments online free. Making payments through Government Pay Service is also highly secured. Users can make payment through credit as well as debit cards to government agencies through Government Payment Service.

After making the transactions, users will be notified through email. Customers can also make Gov Pay Net 24/7. You can make payment to government agencies like “courts, law enforcement agencies, corrections facilities, business taxes, departments of revenue, property taxes and treasurers, such as cash bail;, telephone and commissary accounts; probation obligations; deposits to inmate trust, restitution payments; electronic monitoring fees; payment of traffic and criminal fines; court fees; towing and impound fees; records fees; child support;; assessment payments“

For More Information:

If you are facing any sort of problem while making a payment to any government agency, then don’t worry. You contact the Gov Pay Now service representative at 1-888-604-7888 or 1-877-392-2455 for any problem in billing. Government Pay Now also offers Spanish speakers in call center.

So just go to www.govpaynow.com, grab your Pay Location Code (PLC) and make payment there. That’s it.

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