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KSWEBTags is an online e-tag system employed by the state of Kansas. KSWEBTag allows residents of Kansas to renew their car registration. The whole process is online so no more standing in long lines. Residents can renew their vehicle registrations from home in four simple steps. All that is required is that your vehicle should be currently registered by the state of Kansas on website www.kswebtags.org. You must have your Kansas motor vehicle registration renewal notice. If you have that covered than move on ahead.

www.kswebtags.org – Check for Online Registration

The online registration system is quite simple. You just need to keep your Kansas motor registration notice with you and you are good to go. There is however a fee to use online registration process. This fee is deducted on every transaction. With every vehicle you register, this fee is assessed. This fee is used in maintaining this online portal for Kansas government. You can make payment via electronic check, VISA card, MasterCard, American express and discover credit card.

This portal is only used for renewal of vehicles. New motor registration has to be made in person. Registration renewal by mail is still available and its residents own choice on what method they choose.

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How to Use KSWEBTag

For registration renewal visit the e-tag portal. You can get redirected to the portal from here: www.kswebtags.org. Read the steps carefully and click on “Begin Renewal” option on the bottom. Your renewal form will appear.

Now add in your alphanumeric PIN. It is a 7 digit code mentioned on your registration notice. Then enter you vehicle year (a 4-digit code). Then press continue. Now verify your vehicle information. Next select a payment method. You can pay via electronic check or visa, MasterCard, American express or discovery card. Then you will receive your confirmation code. Lastly provide and email where you will receive your vehicle registration renewal information. Now finish.

Contact Information

For more information or queries contact Kansas motor vehicles division at 785-296-3621.

If you want to address your problems in person then visit: Docking State Office Bldg. 1st Floor, 915 SW Harrison, Topeka, Ks 66612.

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