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United states postal service or shortly known as U.S. Postal Service is an independent agency of U.S Federal government. It has the task of providing postal or mailing services in United States. USPS include all insular and other associated states in its services www.managemymove.usps.com. USPS is one of the agencies that are approved by the United States government.

www.managemymove.usps.com – Access USPS Change of Address

USPS has offered a change of address service to its customers. Customers who are moving can change their destination address online. So all mails and packages are delivered on their new destination address. This service is absolutely free to use.

Customers can change their address permanently or temporarily. Temporary address is a one time or for a specific time forwarding address. In case the customer will move back to their old destination. Temporary address can be set for a maximum of 6 months.

Change of Address Procedure

This link can be used to cancel a change of address or to check the progress of your change of address request. To use the change of address service online you need to visit USPS’s manage my move page. You can get find their page Online.

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Type in your confirmation code to begin. The confirmation code is available in your confirmation email or if you applied via mail then it will be available on your confirmation letter that is sent to your new address. Then type in the new zip code of your new address.

Once you submit, you will be guided to your own user dashboard.

You can submit the address change order via mail or online. The address change order can be submitted online using the application form available Here.

Features Offered by Change of Address

This online account or dashboard allows users to change their mail forwarding start and end date, change their phone number, change their address permanently or temporarily, detect address changes and to cancel the address change request.

Customer Contact

For more information or problems, you can contact USPS customer service at: 1-800-275-8777

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