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Delhaize is a worldwide food retailer. It operates in three continents and seven countries. Delhaize was founded in 1867. Today it owns over 3500 outlets in all three continents. Delhaize owns many well-known chains in Europe e.g. red market, proxy Delhaize etc. with such large range of stores comes a large number of employees. Delhaize provides one of the best employee packages so their employees are always at their best.

Www.Mydzabenefits.Com – Online Access Delhaize

Delhaize offer medical benefits and insurance benefits for their employees. These benefits, their conditions, range etc. are all set at the time of employment. To manage these benefits you no longer have to complete paper work or go to HR. one Delhaize offers online access to associate benefits.

Employees can easily login to their own ID and access, manage and edit their own information and benefits. The online portal is available 24/7 so you have no working hours to worry about. Whenever you are free, you can access your own information.

How Create Your Own ID

  • Already registered user can go to the online
  • Just enter your username and password and you can login.
  • First time users have to register themselves first.
  • To register yourself, go to the available
  • Enter in the required information like your name, date of birth, valid email address and global ID.
  • Set your secret questions, username and password. Finally press register to end it.
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Your secret questions are used to help you login in case you forgot your username or password. So be sure to type in a valid secret questions and an answer that you remember.

Forgot Your Username/Password?

In case you forgot your username or password, don’t panic. You can easily access your account by clicking on the relative option of “Forgot username” or “forgot password”. You need to enter some information like your first and last name, global ID or username for you to receive your password reset instructions. Follow the provided procedure and you can reset your password or get your username.


For more information or problems contact Delhaize customer support.

Customer service: +31 88 659 9111.

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