www.Peryourhealth.com – Pay Health Bill Online

If you have received your health care bill and you are on a clock to pay then per your health services are especially for you by visiting www.peryourhealth.com. Per your health provides a portal for customers to pay their health care bills online. Per your health offers a quick and easy method to pay your health care bills.

www.Peryourhealth.com – Registration to Pay Health Bill Online

You can pay your bills after you register yourself. The registration process takes no more than five minutes to be completed. You can register yourself by providing the information provided to you on your billing statement. Visit their website at www.peryourhealth.com and enter your account number. Your account number is mentioned on your billing statement. Press continue.

Then you will need to enter a valid email address. Make sure to add an email that is valid and accessible to you. You will receive an email on the email that you provided containing the confirmation of your account number being valid. Now you can login using your registered user ID provided in the confirmation email.

Now login and enter your payment details to make your payment.

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Forgot Your Registered User ID?

If you are an old user then you can login again using you registered user ID? In case you forgot your registered user ID then you can get it back by visiting the link mentioned below. www.peryourhealth.com/Login/RecoverId.aspx

Enter in your billing account number. You will get an email that you’re entered the first time you’re used when you registered the first time. Your registered user ID will be mentioned in that email.

Contact Pay Health Bill

In other cases of issues or questions, you can contact the customer service agent. The service number is mentioned on your per your health statement.

Customer service: (855) 853-7242.

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