How to Play Monopoly.US Game from Safeway to Win $200 Millions

Ever played a game that earns you prizes worth of millions? The Play Monopoly game Safeway 2018 is here to give you that chance. lets you play, win, and shop Monopoly Safeway and is your golden ticket to win $250 million in prizes and money saving offers. This starts from February 7th so make sure to register yourself as soon as possible.

But, that’s not all. If you want to win the $1,000,000 cash prize, $1,000,000 vacation home or any of the other prizes the Safeway Monopoly game board 2018 has to offer, you’ll have to find the rare Safeway Monopoly pieces at

This game lasts for approximately 3 months starting from February 7th to May 8th, 2018. The last date could also be the on the earlier of either the date on which all game tickets are distributed. In any way, you’ll have plenty of time to try your luck with play monopoly game.

How to Shop, Play, and Win Safeway Monopoly at

Safeway Monopoly aims at giving a number of people the chance to try their luck with millions of prizes. The game will be conducted in 2,305 different locations operating under the names of Albertsons, Safeway, Pavilions, Carrs, Vons, Randalls, Eagle, Pak ‘n Save, Tom Thumb, Jewel-Osco, ACME Markets, Shaw’s/Star Market, United Supermarkets, Market Street, Amigos, United Express, Albertsons Market®, Lucky (Southern California only) and Super Saver.

Every time you shop at these stores from February 7th to May 8th, you can receive a free ticket game. You will also receive a free ticket on the purchase of a bonus game ticket product. If you purchase 10 bonus game ticket products, you’ll receive one additional game ticket. This gives you additional chances to get lucky.

Tear off the perforated portion to open the game ticket. This reveals four official game markers. Paste these markers on the matching prize play area places on the Safeway Monopoly game board. Make sure to moisten the glue strips on the back of these markers properly so that they can stick properly.

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More Ways to Win:

Each game ticket contains special discount offers and coupons in addition to the official markers that are to be pasted on the game board. These include MONOPOLY Online Code, Nickelodeon Online code, Instant Win Grocery Gift Card, Instant Win Cash, Free Product coupon, or 2 free game tickets coupon.

Play Monopoly Online Game:

  1. Log in to and find your online coupon.
  2. The online coupon has a code written on it. This code consists of alphabets as well as numbers. Follow the given directions and enter this code where necessary.
  3. There is an app called SHOP, PLAY, WIN! Available on Google play store as well as Apple play store. Follow these directions to set up this app:
  • Install it on your phone.
  • Set your username and password and provide a valid email address.
  • Answer a few questions about where you have shopped.
  • Follow the directions on the screen and enter or scan your alphanumeric online coupon code.

2nd Chance Sweepstakes:

For second chance sweepstakes, go to the website Type in the codes manually or attach them to a 3*5 index card and snail-mail them in. Don’t forget to write your full name, address (including ZIP code), age, contact number and signature on the index card. Mail your entry in a 1st class-stamped, hand addressed envelope to MON-11 Sweepstakes, P.O. Box 440728, Kennesaw, GA 30160.

There will be a random draw for each division from all eligible SHOP, PLAY, and WIN! Online entered codes. Sweepstakes for mailed entries will occur on February 28th, 2018. There will be one lucky winner for $40,000 worth of vehicle of choice. On March 21st, one winner for $20,000 college tuition prize will be selected. And on April 11th, one lucky winner will get a cash prize of $10,000.

Progressive Jackpots:

You can find the Progressive Jackpot on playmonopoly throughout the promotion. A total of One Hundred Fifty (150) SHOP, PLAY, WIN! Coupon codes will have a code to win this Progressive Jackpot.

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The Progressive Jackpot prize starts at $1,000 and continues to grow until you enter a Progressive Jackpot prize code. After you have won the money, it falls back to $1,000 and the process repeats itself.

iHeart Radio Sweepstakes:

Submit your entries and enter in the lucky draw for iHeart Radio Sweepstakes. There are many iHeart radio prizes including one $10,000 cash prize under iHeart Radio Country Festival Prize which will be given on February 25th. On March 25th, one iHeart Radio Music Festival prize will be awarded which is worth $11,000. On April 15th, one $10,000 iHeart Radio Fiesta Latina prize will be given and on May 9th, one lucky winner will receive a $10,000 iHeart Jingle Ball prize.

Last Chance Drawing:

According to Section 5, paragraph A there are six prizes in total. 2 $1,000,000 cash prizes and 4 $1,000,000 vacation home prizes and are collectively referred to as $1,000,000 prizes. If none or only one of these are won by May 29th,2018, then there will be one extra draw taking place on or about June 18th,2018. The draw will be held randomly from only the already submitted MON-11 Sweepstake entries. If no cash prize is won, then 2 $1,000,000 (30-Year annuity) will be awarded. If one cash prize is won, then 1 $1,000,000 (30-Year annuity) will be awarded. In any case, 2 cash prizes are guaranteed.

Fandango Sweepstakes:

Total 270,000,000 SHOP, PLAY, WIN! Online Coupon Codes contain valid code for a Fandango Game Token. Entrant can use it for entering in various Fandango Sweepstakes or redeem for various Fandango Rewards.

Universal Sweepstakes:

Total 130,000,000 SHOP, PLAY, WIN! Online Coupon Codes contains valid code for Universal Token that you can use for entering in various Universal sweepstakes or redeem for various Universal rewards.

Win Over $250 Million in Prizes and Money Saving Offers:

Following is a list of the prizes won through Safeway Monopoly (1,960,806 Prizes; total ARV $25,122,500):

(2) $1,000,000 Cash
• (4) $1,000,000 Vacation Home
• (15) $100,000 Cash or Luxury Car
• (25) $40,000 Vehicle of Choice
• (35) $25,000 Kitchen Makeover
• (50) $20,000 College Tuition
• (50) $10,000 Cash
• (75) $7,500 Family Vacation
• (50) $5,000 Cash
• (50) $2,600 Movies For A Year
• (50) $1,500 Gas Grill & Groceries
• (100) $1,000 Cash
• (100) $1,000 Weekend Getaway
• (100) $1,000 Laptop Computer
• (600) $300 Spa Day
• (50) $5,000 Groceries
• (100) $1,000 Grocery Gift Card
• (350) $500 Grocery Gift Card
• (750) $200 Family Picnic
• (2,500) $100 Grocery Gift Card
• (5,000) $50 Grocery Gift Card
• (10,000) $25 Grocery Gift Card
• (10,000) $25 Gift Card Mall
• (25,000) $15 Grocery Gift Card
• (40,000) $10 Grocery Gift Card
• (900,000) $5 Grocery Gift Card
• (750) $200 Cash
• (2,500) $100 Cash
• (10,000) $25 Cash
• (12,500) $20 Cash
• (40,000) $10 Cash
• (900,000) $5 Cash

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Instant Win Prizes (159,181,783 Prizes; total ARV $416,028,108)

  • (3) $10,000 Cash prizes
    • (5) $5,000 Cash prizes
    • (5) $5,000 Grocery Gift Card prizes
    • (50) $1,000 Grocery Gift Card prizes
    • (1,500) $100 Grocery Gift Card prizes
    • (2,500) $50 Grocery Gift Card prizes
    • (5,000) $25 Grocery Gift Card prizes
    • (25,000) $10 Grocery Gift Card prizes
    • (200,000) $5 Grocery Gift Card prizes
    • (23,000) $25 Special Gift Card prizes from Visa, Mastercard, Microsoft Xbox, AMC Theatres, Fandango, JCPenney, Red Robin and Spafinder
    • (2,500) $20 Special Gift Card prizes from Domino’s
    • (9,000,000) $25 Rouxbe Cooking School 2-month membership prizes
    • (950,000) $3 Redbox Game Rental prizes
    • (112,172,220) Free Product Prizes will be awarded by product
    • (6,800,000) $9.99, $4.99 or $1.99 in App prize codes for Jurassic World: The Game
    • (30,000,000) Two Free Game Tickets

Instant Discount Offers (116,626,500 Discount Offers)

  • (11,250,000) $29.99 Shutterfly Photo Book
    • (11,250,000) $14.99 Shutterfly Shopping Bag
    • (11,250,000) $8.99 Shutterfly Magnet
    • (3,500,000) General Mills Box Tops for Education.

Online Game Prizes (1,031,760 Prizes; total ARV $26,325,000)

  • (10) $10,000 Cash prizes
    • (31,750) Grocery Gift Card prizes ranging from $25 to $1,000
    • (1,000,000) $25 Rouxbe Cooking School 2-month membership prize.
    Get more details from official rules.

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