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First premier bank is an American based banking and financial organization. First premium bank is famous for their credit card programs. It is the 13th largest MasterCard and visa card distributes in the United States. First premier bank has served millions of customers across America with a high satisfaction rate. Premier bank is now launching their pre-approved credit cards to few selected customers.

www.premiercreditcardsf.com – Pre-Approved Credit Cards

First premier bank is well known to accommodate customers with less than perfect credit score. Customers can apply and get approved with such credit scores. Premier has provided their selected customers with pre-approved credit card offer letters. These customers can apply and get approved credit cards within 60 seconds. These offers can be availed online.

Customers who received this offer can visit the first premium portal and apply within the offer expiration date mentioned on the offer letter. However the customers interested in the offer that haven’t received a letter can visit the portal to check if there are eligible to apply.

Online Registration Method

Visit first premier bank online portal: www.premiercreditcardsf.com. Enter in your zip code, name, social security number and reference number. Most of these details are mentioned in your offer letter. Your reference number is mentioned on the top of your offer letter. Fill out the form and pay your process fee. It is better if you pay your process fee online as payment via mail or check takes up to 6 business days and this delays your credit card even more. You just need to provide your credit card details and payment details and to make your payment online.

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Features of Premier Card

First premier credit cards are firstly specifically designed for customers with low credit. This card has a high APR with other fees as well. These also has a credit limit of $300. These MasterCard has a onetime processing fee of $95 as well. But that is paid during the registration process. The annual fee the first year is $75 but that drops to $45 per year.

The transaction fee ranges from 3%. There is however a late fee of $35. You can find all the terms and conditions on first premium website at: www.firstpremier.com.

Customer Contact

Customer service center: 605-357-3002.

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