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Majority of college students in America begin their practical career with a huge loan on their back. It can get difficult to payback resulting in student taking up odd jobs to pay the monthly instalment. Sallie Mae is one of the go to companies for student loans. Sallie Mae started off as a government organization that helped students in getting student loans easily. Today Sallie Mae offers private student loans.

Sallie Mae is not just a loan provider, it also offers programs and tips for students to save money or easy ways to pay their student loan. Their programs such as promise reward business, resources and online planning provide easy ways to manage and pay their loan. Students can also use Sallie Mae login to check their loan status and use the auto pay method to avoid missing out on payments.

Sallie Mae Login – www.Salliemae.com Bill Pay

Like other financial institutes Sallie Mae also offers online logins for their customers. Students who have availed the student loan program can use these logins to keep themselves updated on their loan status and payment due dates.

Sallie Mae login are easily available on their official website. Students can sign up in few minutes. In case you want to register, skip to the heading below. Not only logins buts students who are looking for loan can also get loan details from the website. There are different loan option available according to student programs such as medical, MBA, career training etc. if you are looking for a loan then be sure to read and understand the conditions beforehand.

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Back to the topic, the Sallie Mae login is easily available on their website. You can login by visiting their page @ https://www.salliemae.com/. Press the login button on the top right corner. Enter your username and password and press login.


Registration can be made in few minutes by filling out an online form available on Sallie Mae website. Complete the following steps ad get a unique login from home.

  • Visit Sallie Mae website https://www.salliemae.com/.
  • Press the top right login button and select the “Create Account” option at the bottom.
  • Enter the required information and agree to terms and conditions. Be sure to provide valid contact information as you get notifications and alerts on them.
  • Submit and you are done.

Online Payment Feature

One of the best features of these logins for students is the auto pay method. In between classes and other activities it is easy to forget about monthly payments. Students can provide the account information and set the payment date and on the due date the required amount will be deducted from their savings.


In case of issues or to get a loan, contact Sallie Mae help line: 800-4-SALLIE (800-472-5543).

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