www.sgmedbilling.com – Pay SGM Med Bill Online

The Schumacher clinical partners is an online portal that provides a medium for patients to pay their bills online by visiting www.sgmedbilling.com. It is an independent portal. So wherever you received your care is irrelevant. Each patient receive their own billing statement, separated from other patients.

Basically SGM deals with billing for you by your health care providers when you were treated in any facility. SGM itself is not a medical facility provider. It is just a billing service for popular provider so the whole process is performed efficiently.

www.sgmedbilling.com – SGM Online Bill Payment

SGM helps you in making your medical bill payments online. You can make your payment under 60 seconds. Its medical billing service is free for all to use. It even provides an opportunity, for people who have difficulty in paying their bills at once, to create a budget plan. The best part is that this budget plan is interest free. Of course there is an approval required for this interest free budget plan. Those who are approved can make their plans via email, mail or by phone.

How to Make Online Payments:

You can make an online payment via credit card or debit card or even your flexible spending card. Paying your medical bills online is the fastest way to make your payments as it takes almost 5 business days via mail. If you are making a payment from outside the United States then you need to contact customer services first.

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To make a payment you need to visit their online page that is available at www.sgmedbilling.com.

You need to enter some information to move things along. You need to enter your relation to the patient, your name, email, phone and an invoice number. Your invoice number is mentioned on your billing statement. It is mentioned as invoice number or an account number. Lastly enter your payment amount and press next. Now enter your billing methods. Fill the required information and you are done.

Contact SGM:

SGM has an award winning customer service. In case of any queries or problems you can contact them at (888) 703-3301 in the timings of 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. CT on Mondays to Thursdays and 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CT. on Fridays.

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