www.suntrust.com/mypaycheck – Check SunTrust Online Payroll for Business

Are you already using SunTrust? SunTrust offers its customers online payroll. So don’t wait anymore. Just start using SunTrust for your business and use SunTrust online services. It doesn’t matter whether you have 1 employee or 100, you can use SunTrust Online Payroll for your business. It’s the best way to manage your business payroll system online through www.suntrust.com/mypaycheck.

www.suntrust.com/mypaycheck – SunTrust Online Payroll for Business

SunTrust Online Payroll is simple, easy and fast way to pay to your employees online. All you need is to make an account at suntrust.com/mypaycheck and that’s it. You can access your payment history, employee payroll details and total taxes. After going to “Begin Payroll”, you can pay your employees through direct deposit as well as in form of printed checks.

Employees can also create their account at suntrust.com/mypaycheck and check their recent transactions. So what you are waiting for? Simple create your account at SunTrust Online Payroll and enjoy free online services.

How to Use SunTrust Online Payroll:

In order to start using SunTrust Online Payroll for your business, you have to create an account. Simple follow the given below steps to create your own account at SunTurst:

  1. First of all, turn on your PC (Make sure that internet connection is working).
  2. Then open internet browser and go to suntrust.com.
  3. There click on the option “Open an account” available at task bar of home page.
  4. Then choose the type of your account. Whether you need account for personal savings, small business, investments, credit cards or loans and lines of credit.
  5. After selecting account type, click on the box “Open Now” to proceed.
  6. Enter some personal information about you and your business and submit it to continue.
  7. That’s it. After you have created your account, you can logged in to that and use SunTrust Payroll.
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Once account is created, users can make payments to their employees through given below three main steps:

  1. Enter Payroll
  2. Preview Payroll
  3. Approve Payroll

Just follow these steps and pay your employees through most convenient way. After transaction, you can also check and print the payment history of all employees.

About SunTrust:

SunTrust is an American bank holding company, founded in 1891. SunTrust is public banking company, famous due to its financial services. Its headquarters are based in Atlanta, Georgia. SunTrust has more than 1400 branches and 2200 ATM`s in different states. The estimated number of employees working there are about 2400.

For More Information:

In case if you have any query or want to get some information, then visit any nearest branch of SunTrust. You can also call the SunTrust Customer Service Representative at 866-732-1686.

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