www.thbillpay.com – Avail Team health’s Patient Billing Services Online

If you receive a billing statement from team health then you can make your payment from home, online. Team health offers online bill pay services to its patients by visiting www.thbillpay.com. Team health was founded in 1979 and it’s working since then to provide the best possible services. It also employees over 20,000 employees. It is one of the oldest and largest providers to health care professional staff in America.

www.thbillpay.com – Team Health’s Online Bill Pay

Thbillpay offers an online portal for team health patients to view and pay their bills online. Its takes no more than few minutes to pay your bill. There are multiple payment modes available on Thbillpay. You can select the mode that best suits you and make your payment in minutes. It’s also offers the feature to view your previous payments. Thbillpay accepts all major credit cards like visa, MasterCard, AmEx, discover etc.

How to Register for Team Health’S Online

You can register on thbillpay in few simple steps. To get started on registration process, click on the link of .

You need to enter in your account number and social security number. Your account number is mentioned on your billing statement. Open up your billing statement and type in the account number. Now enter last four digits of your social security and submit the form. You will be logged in to your pre-prepared account. You can view your billing statement there as well. You can also view any previous bills you received in the online account.

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In your account you will see an “Online Payment” option. Select it and you can see multiple modes you can use. You can pay via credit card or e-check. Provide some basic information such as your account number and routing number to continue the payment. Finally make payment.

If you have medical insurance then you can provide it. Select the “Provide Insurance Information” option to continue.

Customer Contact

For more information or problems you can contact thbillpay customer service. You can call between 8am to 8pm from Monday to Friday and 10am to 3pm on Saturdays.

Customer service: 1-888-952-6772

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